Monday, January 03, 2011

Off Hiatus

Back from the holidays, had to go pay homage to the mom-age and smack myself in the face repeatedly for overbuying presents for the kids; presents that I had to spend three days assembling...

I did get one cool gift from the wifey; one of those newish Nookcolor devices. It's basically a tablet PC (with an Android OS?) that functions similarly to a supersize IPod Touch or IPad, only without as much of a capability for apps (so far). Integration with the B&N website is good, purchasing is simple enough, setup wasn't a pain...for the most part, it's been a good experience except for its integration with my PC. I had to tinker a bit in order to get the XP OS I'm running on my older home system to recognize the Nookcolor as an external drive. Something about the device having to be in 'active' mode in order be seen...and with a default 2-minute timeout before the Nookcolor hibernates, there's a settings change that needed to occur. User guide material is light as well, especially concerning the aforementioned PC integration...

Nice thing is that I have now have Zeppelin and Radiohead (and Thom Yorke's solo effort) on my Nookie. I also brought over a few free US-copyright-expired classic eBooks from Project Gutenberg, as the Nookie reads .epub format files. I'm currently working my way through Frazier's Golden Bough again and taking time out from that to read from Whitman's Leaves of Grass. For anyone who's interested, I've included a link to the Project Gutenberg e-library over in the 'Tools and Such" section on your left. Please support that initiative with either your time, money, and/or publicity.

With that, I hope your holidays went smoothly and pleasantly. Welcome to a new year.

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