Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The radicalization of the U.S. Muslim

So, when right-wingers do stuff like this...
Ms. Gabriel is only one voice in a growing circuit that includes counter-Islam speakers like Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and Walid Shoebat. What distinguishes Ms. Gabriel from her counterparts is that she has built a national grass-roots organization in the last three years that has already engaged in dozens of battles over the place of Islam in the United States. ACT! for America claims 155,000 members in 500 chapters across the country. To build her organization, Ms. Gabriel has enlisted Mr. Rodgers, who had worked behind the scenes for the Christian Coalition’s leaders, Ralph Reed and the television evangelist Pat Robertson. (Ms. Gabriel herself was once an anchor for Mr. Robertson’s Christian television network in the Middle East).
(and this and this)

...and the detainment of American citizens who are Muslim without charge is excused by the courts...
Gelernt tries to close by painting a picture of a statute "that had enormous consequences." As he reminds us, ACLU-ishly: " People were held—half the people were held more than 30 days, even though the statutory presumption is 10 days. Many people were held for months. They were arrested at gunpoint. They were not immunized. Half the people were not called to testify. It went on in cities all over the country. People being held under horrendous conditions for long periods of time, interrogated about their own activities."
 ...and go on witch hunts targeting U.S. Muslims...
Representative Peter T. King Republican of New York, said he would rely on Muslims to make his case that American Muslim leaders have failed to cooperate with law enforcement officials in the effort to disrupt terrorist plots — a claim that was rebutted in recent reports by counterterrorism experts and in a forum on Capitol Hill on Monday. 
...do you think all that makes an American Muslim more or less willing to become part of whatever is considered 'mainstream America'? How likely is it that a person for who is singled out for investigation, demonized, and ignored by a system that doesn't work for them to be satisfied with their status?

The right wing in America is doing far, far more to promote Al-Qaeda's recruitment efforts in the US than Al-Qaeda could ever hope to do on their own.

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