Monday, June 27, 2011

Points of interest 06/27/2011

Of prime note - we celebrated grape_wifey's birthday over the weekend. Happy birthday, honey. I love both you and the fact that you'll always be younger than me.


"Nearly 10 percent of the world’s adults have diabetes, and the prevalence of the disease is rising rapidly."

"It really feels like the only job category showing growth in America right now is the "scams" category."

“You know, it’s bad enough trying to find 29 people..."
" don’t need to have 40 more to look for…They just had a major explosion. They could’ve killed every one of us … We were expendable that night, that’s my opinion … they didn’t care what they did with us.”
"[NJ Governor Chris Christie] appears to be fine with cutting back on education..."
"...and social spending out of supposed concerns for cost and is willing to deride public media as a relic of the Soviet Union, but does not seem to have the same qualms about subsidizing a giant corporate mall."
"A 30-year war for energy preeminence?"

God, I'm tired of political ads that flat-out lie.
A month later, fully employed, King appeared in a Romney ad, blaming the president for the fact that “no one is going to hire” him and he “can’t get a job.” He even told Facebook friends, the day after the filming, “Off to work for the day.”
"Inside Nancy Pelosi’s drive to win the House majority back for Democrats."

"But we could also be talking about 1991..."
"...when the consequences of vast, loan-financed overbuilding of commercial real estate in the 1980s came home to roost, helping to cause the collapse of the junk-bond market and putting many banks—Citibank, in particular—at risk."
"Has 'too big to fail' transformed into 'too big to challenge?'"

"Flake," idiot, lunatic, right-wing extremist...and now "Gay Rapist Clown Serial Killer."

"Economists have known for many years that many tax cuts are nothing more than spending by another name."
"They call such things “tax expenditures” and there are about $1 trillion worth in the tax code. Getting rid of many of them would have exactly the same economic benefits as reducing on-budget subsidies. Nevertheless, Republicans oppose eliminating tax expenditures unless other taxes are cut because any net tax increase would depress growth. The historical evidence, however, does not necessarily support this view."


Actual news headlines versus Fox News headlines.

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