Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Points of Interest 06/29/2011

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"It's cheaper to fire a couple of workers then let a union vote succeed."

"Somalia has slightly higher standards than Wyoming and Nevada."
"A corporation is a legal person created by state statute that can be used as a fall guy, a servant, a good friend or a decoy," the company's website boasts. "A person you control... yet cannot be held accountable for its actions. Imagine the possibilities!"
Most fathers love their sons and will do anything for them.
"Interviews with a number of sources close to the Huntsmans reveal a powerful, ambitious father who has played a significant role in his son’s political rise at every turn—leaning on contacts, calling in favors, and, in several cases, lashing out at those he feels have slighted Jon Jr."
Once upon a time, we did work like this.

"And then there's the talk and opinion shows which no one ever pretends are news and factual."

"More than half of New Jersey residents say they wouldn’t back Governor Chris Christie for a second term..."
"...disapproving of his choices on a range of policy and personal issues, from killing a commuter tunnel to using a state-police helicopter to attend his son’s baseball game."
Simple: No Congressional recess, no recess appointments. Result: More obstructionism.

For your reading pleasure, I give you the Quadruple Bachmann:
Yeah, me too.
"Republicans are actively opposed to any ideas, even their own, that might help give the economy a boost. They are, however, equally enthused in support of ideas that are likely to hold the economy back.

I wonder why that is."

Some things are fail no matter where you are from, and they must be mocked. (via)

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