Thursday, June 23, 2011

Points of Interest 6/23/2011


"The conversion of all questions of truth into questions of power has attacked the very heart of the distinction between true and false."

"It's also the ultimate 'green' way to create electricity because it uses waste heat to create electricity with no carbon dioxide."

I hear slave labor is really cheap. Why don't businesses use that?

Money can buy you a more agreeable Dick.
But there’s one other problem with his critique. As a long-time proponent of controlling health care costs, Gephardt has supported greater government intervention in the health sector and in 1994 proposed empowering the Secretary of Health and Human Services to establish “target rates of growth” for health costs that included the private sector (thus going further than the IPAB).
"Nurses are calling for a change in priorities because they have seen enough and want to stop the bleeding now."

"She's trying to look like June Cleaver..."
...but she actually looks like the T2 skeleton posing for a passport photo. You will want to laugh, but don't, because the secret of Bachmann's success is that every time you laugh at her, she gets stronger.
"Indeed, choosing a leader of the free world from the ranks of those who sport a self-serving incuriosity is a habit, like crash landings and cock-fights, best cultivated in strict moderation."

On the road again. Maybe. Not to Sudan. Also. Too.

Banksters and slumlords.

"Once a household or nation is burdened with stupendous debt loads and stagnating earnings, 'growing your way out of debt' is impossible."

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