Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Points of Interest 08/24/2011


"American Politics More Religious Than American Voters"

"New-student enrollments have plunged—in some cases by more than 45%—in recent months..."
...reflecting two factors: Companies have pulled back on aggressive recruiting practices amid criticism over their high student-loan default rates. And many would-be students are questioning the potential pay-off for degrees that can cost considerably more than what's available at local community colleges.
"It is likely that President Obama blames the recession for the rise in the deficit because it happens to be true."

"More importantly, why are Democrats still lining up behind Rhee?"
She could possibly be one of the most divisive forces in the Democratic party today. Between her cozy relationships with the ultra-right wing "reformers," and her push to bust unions, it makes no sense at all.
The Rhee post also contains a link to a comment by education activist Marion Brady, which is well worth a link of its own.

What is this Keystone XL pipeline all about, anyway?

"The Krugman Google+ Saga: Or, Why Fact-Checking is Important"

"Inherent in Schneiderman’s warnings was an implication that officials negotiating the current deal are willing to give away too much..."
...a suggestion that those involved in the talks describe as inaccurate and infuriating. Several people familiar with the talks said those at the negotiating table have never considered granting banks immunity from claims related to the securitization process, nor have they sought to prevent Schneiderman and others from pursuing broader investigations into other issues, such as securitization, fair housing claims and criminal fraud.
"Raising the Medicare eligibility age to 67 from 65 would cost states and private payers about twice as much as it would save the federal government."

Ron Paul forgets that media focus isn't always a good thing.

"Still, it’s worth adding one overlooked point to all this fact-checking."
It’s not just that Perry’s wrong. In many ways, the field of climate science is moving in precisely the opposite direction that he’s suggesting.
"First, because a serious scientist has been vilified, without basis, mainly because his work bears on current politics."
"Oh, never mind" clearance from charges rarely gets as much publicity as the original charges themselves. The fact that every scientific body examining Mann's behavior has exonerated him deserves publicity and emphasis.
"Michele Bachmann, as president of the United States, could keep her promise of lowering the price of gasoline. What voters must ask themselves is: 'What will that cost me?'"

"Anyone who thought former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold was quitting politics with his announcement that he would not run for office in 2012..."
...missed the point of the Wisconsin Democrat's decision. Feingold was not abandoning the fight for progressive values, he was signaling his determination to carry that fight forward as a citizen activist who promises to be a thorn in the side of the political elites of both parties.

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